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Magento – Five Most Challenges Faced By E-Commerce Businesses


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Magento is a widely used framework used for designing the E-Commerce shopping sites. According to an estimate, nearly 28% of the websites use Magento and out of top one million websites, 16% of them use this framework. It uses the OOP approach and is one of the open-source platforms. Sellers to design quality and successful E-Commerce stores use Magento.

There are some issues arising in this open-source platform that needs immediate review by the companies. For this, you can take the services from the Magento development company to resolve the emerging issues. Here are the five small issues that matter the most for E-Commerce companies.

  1. Configuration with a New Domain

  • Editing the database of the Magento store

  • Deleting the Cache folder present in the Magento root directory

  1. Open to Vulnerabilities

  1. Expensive Development and Maintenance Costs

The community edition of the Magento is free but still, it has higher web development costs as it can reach nearly $2,50,000 or more for the business houses who want the customized site. On the other hand, the Enterprise edition of the Magento is more than $18,000 per annum. Other costs involved in this include:

  • Maintenance and Development Cost

  • Optimization Plan cost

  • High fees of reputed Magento developer

  • Integration and Hosting cost

  1. Payment Issues

he Magento designed sites need to be PCI-DSS enabled in order to provide the secure payment bridge to the consumers under the community edition. However, this is not available for the community edition and the owners have to shell money to get this. The sellers can hire the right Magento development companyfor this work. The Enterprise Edition has a separate payment bridge that handles the credit card process for the customers. This is PA-DSS certified and meets the PCI Compliance.

  1. Loss of Revenue

Most of the start-ups and small-sized companies use the community edition of the Magento that runs slow on the server. If there are no optimized sites, then on an average, the companies are facing 7% of the loss in lead conversion, and page-views are dropped by 11%. This loss may sometimes run in $1 million yearly.

Finally, the owners of the company should go through the pros and cons of the Magento framework before opting for designing their E-Commerce sites. One needs to carry out proper research or take the advice from the experts of the reputed Magento development company.


December 2017

Dipak Patil

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