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How VR Can Help E-Commerce Business And Boost Their Sales


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Virtual Reality is gaining attention in the E-Commerce industry and catching the eyes of retailers as they are turning to this prolific tool for customer engagement. VR expands its branches from quite sometimes, but now the sellers have taken it as a mainstream technology. It actually interested the retailers since it creates the three-dimensional space for the humans and helps to interact with the objects placed by computer.

According to an estimate, nearly 65% of the consumers deemed interested while watching the sellers content in VR. Here are some five beneficial impacts Virtual Reality can have on one’s business:

  1. Perceiving Positive Branding

Almost 52% of consumers think that for E-Commerce development the VR will help in building the positivity about the brand. Most of them are ready to be part of the VR events organized by the companies. Moreover, 71% of the consumers think positive about the brands that associate themselves with the VR as they are taken as futuristic industries.

  1. Lifting Up the Purchases

The E-Commerce development company that uses the VR for lifting up their business seeks more customer engagement than other companies do. According to the survey, 53% of customers are ready to buy the product from the industries that sponsor live VR events. Even the reports suggested that the integration of the VR for the E-Commerce development would boost up the sales.

  1. Reduction of Communication Gap

The companies are now pushing themselves for using the VR technology in order to get:

  • Reduce business travels and the communication gap amongst the consumers and business teams.

  • Controls the increased cost on distributed teams

  • The business houses will be able to conduct virtual meetings with the teams spread across the globe.

  1. Providing Competitive Edge to Business

To stay ahead of the competition the E-Commerce development company can set up the virtual reality stores instead of physical stores. These stores catch the attention of many consumers as they provide first-hand product experience to the customers. Even the speed of marketing will get a boost by using virtual reality. On the other hand, the physical stores can be built confidentially to stay ahead of the competitors.

  1. Retailing Will be a Different Experience

With the application of Virtual Reality, the retailing can present a completely new perspective.

  • Get the actual industrial forecasts with the help of extensive and accurate research.

  • Nearly 91% of the people across the globe feels that watching product promotion through VR gives a positive feeling.

  • Identify of consumer’s cultural, social and consumption trends.

  • Understand the patterns of product consumption and other prevalent trends associated with customers.

In addition, social media giants Facebook and YouTube have initiated supporting 360-degree videos. Clearly, it will enable marketers to new opportunities to interact with customers.

For E-Commerce development in the present time, the companies can opt for the Virtual Reality technology in order to interact in the best possible way with their potential users. This will support the retailers to increase their sales and advertise their products in a great way.


December 2017

Pankaj Sakaria

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