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How Blockchain Technology Works? Detailed Guide


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Most of you may have heard and many might not be having a piece of a knowledge about blockchain. The blockchain is actually a consecutive list of information. Every memory block usually is filled with a hash pointer that contains a link which connects to the prior block. Although, this is a discussion which was already been discussed earlier. It’s time to Know how the technology named “Blockchain” works.

It is known to be an openly distributed ledger which keeps a log of transactions under which two parties participated. Let’s explore further how it’s done.0


  • Cryptographic keys


While a transaction takes place between two people, both hold a private and a public key. The foremost reason for these keys is to generate a secure digital identity reference. This digital identity is formed considering the sequence coalition of private and public cryptographic keys.

The perfect integration of these keys can be seen as an agile form of authorization, generating an exceptionally useful digital signature. However, digital signature showcases actual ownership.


  • Individuality


For secure digital relationships, tough possession of ownership is not at all enough. Although, when the issue with authentication is solved, it should collaborate with the medium of accepting transactions and also with authorization.

All it begins with the distributed network for blockchains.


  • Distributed Network


To secure the network, all it matters is the size of the network. Which means, One of the most attractive qualities of the bitcoin blockchain that it is huge and has gathered the heavy amount of computing energy. Although, at the time of creating bitcoin, it is secured with 3,500,000 Hash Rates within every second with the collaboration of 10,000 banks from all over the world.


  • Log System


When the distributed network is combined with cryptographic keys, the most useful structure of digital interaction appears. All it begins with a person taking his/her private key carry over with an announcement of transferring some amount of cryptocurrency and integrated it to receivers public key.


  • Protocol


A blockchain contains a timestamp, related information and a digital signature which is then transmitted to all the nodes attached to the distributed network.

This is how the blockchain technology works. That is the reason why cryptocurrency is more valuable than gold. This technology itself is known to be a priceless product for all over the world. Consider the above-mentioned points to acknowledge the dexterity of blockchain protocols


December 2017

Manvendra Singh Tomar

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