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Essential Reasons Behind Migrating from Wix to WordPress


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Your site is the representation of your image in the online world. Like never before, today, individuals are utilizing their site to have an advanced one as well as maintain their business. Blogs today are more professional and expected to offer rivalry to others.

But if you are not specialized at technical part, you may have been baited by the drag-and-drop Wix platform. WordPress is actually more advanced as well as offers your website the required functionality along with additional flexibility. WordPress Development in Florida also offers services to migrate from Wix to WordPress and also consider it better.

WordPress gives you full control of your website to you, which means you can do any adjustments if required or else, you want to go further with a specific host depending on its cost, performance, and your demands. When using Wix you don’t own your website, hosting, domain name or the content.

WordPress is an open source platform, it offers a great flexibility. It allows their users, community, and developers to customize each & everything according to their requirements. In comparison with Wix, it offers a cookie cutter platform that creates the website’s capability and expandability bounded. Additionally, if you are blessed enough, you will find it their store or else will be left at the kindness of the Wix private team and still, you can’t even change your host, no matter how badly your business suffers due to that. It does not provide flexibility of adding the additional author name to a post.

WordPress has more than 3000 themes and 50,000 plugins available in the themes directory; of which some are free and some premium ones are paid. You can even customize these themes according to your requirement through the plugins and CSS or if you are a developer, you can even make edits to the codes. Plugins increase the functionality of WordPress and make it more functional. Whereas Wix offers the very small amount of HTML templates that is around 500 out of which, 200 are free and the rest are premium apps. In that you cannot rearrange the code at the backend of the template; neither you can change a template once it is chosen. In Wix, once you have selected a theme, it can’t change unless you delete the entire thing.

WordPress easily beats Wix in every area. In fact, Wix’s app library is increasing but it doesn’t have as many options which are available in comparison with the WordPress users.

WordPress is more superior than Wix as a web publishing platform for any kind of website. While Wix offers more flexible website builder, you can scratch out a lot more with WordPress for a long term.

Well, there is a lot more to watch out for the exact reasons that why to migrate from Wix to WordPress and to put up further queries, consider calling out WordPress development in Florida as they are one of the finest experts.


March 2018

Pankaj Sakaria

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