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All About Progressive Web App Development in 2018


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When we talk about Web development Company and progressive web apps, there a small difference that makes progressive web apps much more similar to that of the native web apps. The only difference you can find in progressive web apps is that its platform is not locked with an excess of functionality. Elsner Inc possesses web app developers with accurate knowledge, who offers a wide range of web development services across the global platform.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps have one of the glittering features that it is free for Android or OS platform. Progressive web apps are devoid of being platform specific and can consume a cluster of functionality. It also includes offline working and delivering push notifications which can attract the users. Some of the progressive web apps that made big are Twitter, Jumia, Trivago, Alibaba and many more.

Why Progressive Web Apps?

  • These apps allow the user to place the apps of their choice on the home screen.
  • The user doesn’t face any barrier even if the internet connectivity is low, as an offline mode is always an open option.
  • Being web, it gives you the feeling of the app when it comes to interaction and navigation.
  • These apps can be shared through HTTPS to restrict snooping or tempering of content.
  • It works well on any device whether it is desktops, tablets or mobiles.

Are The Progressive Web Apps The Upcoming Future?

When we talk about the future of web development and Mobile app development Company in Florida, it is reaching new heights with progressive web apps. It offers benefits of a native app without any of its drawbacks. Does it provide lesser development time span with all the native functional, which user or business will deny to have it? Even Google supports these apps due to increased user retention.
The responsive web design has three major components which make it user favorite and those are its media queries, flexible images, and flexible width. So it proves that it has a great future ahead.

Elsner Inc provides the best service for Web development Company to its dedicated customers. The progressive web apps service provides from Elsner Inc has experience of combing the best of the web and the best of apps.


May 2018

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