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3 Most Important Upcoming SEO Trends in 2018


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Gone are the days when the keyword placements was the great way to achieve success in the SEO. Since Google started gathering more and more data about us, the search results have become more accurate and personalized than ever before.

Backlinks also no more play a huge role in the successful SEO of the website. In the year 2018, you will find something more than metadata optimization and content. 2017 was a great year of achievements for the SEO executives, but, in this article, you will find the important trends that are upcoming for the SEO field in 2018. Hope this article gives you a great insight into the SEO for the year 2018.

Voice Search Optimization

You might have noticed in and around you the increased use of voice search. According to a research by Google, 20% of the mobile queries are already done through voice search. Voice search technology brings up a big opportunity for changing the way of communications and the process information. The increase in digital assistants presents the growth of market which can change the way search queries are performed.




When it comes to setting up an SEO strategy, the rise of voice search brings the need to focus on more long-tail keywords. With the improvement in the accuracy of digital assistants, the number of users using voice search will be increased. Moreover, it is expected that voice search may grow post it gets integrated with the smart home hubs with the companies accessing new data and let the users enjoy a seamless experience through the day to day using devices.

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Mobile Search

It is more than likely to be a year which will make the brands realize the potential of offering the mobile search at first instead of making it an afterthought. This is particularly true that Google decides to make the year 2018 of turning to mobile-first index.

Even if Google does not, the brands and businesses will surely keep the mobile first as most of the brands have found out that most of their traffic is received from mobile. Moreover, the big deal for SEO would be there is a huge difference between the way of keyword ranking on mobile and the way they rank on the desktop. Hence, the mobile search would be a necessity to prioritize for SEO services.

Also, this will make the local SEO even more popular. With this, mobile users will seek for more content, offering big marketing opportunity of their business in the local context. The demand is expected to grow in 2018, making companies improve their engagement with their customers. Improving overall user experience through fast and responsive mobile pages.

Visual Search Optimization

Visual search is one of the most exciting trend for 2018 that will be taking the technological innovation & user experience to another level. With this, as the internet becomes visually focused, it offers a huge opportunity to explore the power of visual search. It is necessary to consider it as an SEO strategy as the way the visual content is consumed is increased. The rich visuals will become more engaging and the innovation will bring an interesting and competitive market.

So, make your store ready to rock in the year 2018 using these SEO trends.


December 2017

Pankaj Sakaria

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